Footbike USA takes a turn

New Footbike USA frame pic

Footbike USA’s new Lama frame. Click for larger view

Those retrogrouches among us who don’t follow Facebook can be heartened by the latest news from Footbike USA: a new frame and the opportunity to buy the elusive Mibo. Jeff Oakie writes,

We have been working, and kicking, and continuing to promote the world of footbiking. Unfortunately FootbikeAW doesn’t share the same vision and is choosing to ‘hold’ production until an unknown future date.

This has opened the door for us to explore other machines and opportunities. One of our most exciting projects is coming in a partnership with Christophe Quinou out of France that applied our joint vision into a footbike called the Lama.

Footbike USA is offering this as a frame only, which gives the buyer an opportunity to build this versatile bike in many forms – offroad, an general-purpose cruiser – and this wouldn’t be out of place on the race track. The frame thankfully comes with a rear fork designed for a 20″ wheel (and V-brake or Disc brake) and a replaceable skidplate.

The other big news is that Footbike USA is importing the Mibo Express; up until now the purchasing of Mibos from the New World was a hit-and-miss proposition.

UPDATE (27 Oct.): Well, that didn’t last too long … Soundtrack: Call Me Lightning

(You might be able to buy a Lama through FootbikeUSA … or here.)


2 Responses

  1. Yo Pete,

    Can’t help thinking that the USA is where footbike sales campaigns go to die. Sidewalker, Kickbike, Mogo, FootbikeAW don’t offer much encouragement to those who seeking their footbike fortunes here. Mibo looks likes it may have slightly better success if they know what “horse to bet on.” The scooter is not a new phenomenon, so it’ll have to been presented in a new light. It’s just going to need more endorsement from outside the scooter crowd.

    Bob Dymond

  2. I think it did die Bob,sad,but such is life.

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