Something new under the tum

Not much of a belt, you think? Wait; there’s more!

Koheleth” might say there’s nothing new under the sun, but Ádám Török would disagree. He’s designed a scooter that you can wear around your waist! No, really!

And speaking of belts …


Like a turtle

You can always have raingear with you by carrying your stuff in the elegant Funnell backpack-slash-rainjacket. It’s more than half funded on Kickstarter.

TomTom unveils multi-sport GPS fitness watches

TomTom GPS watches will hit the market soon (GizMag)

For you number-crunchers who would nevertheless like to maintain a pristine (unadorned) scooter, TomTom has created a GPS fitness computer for your wrist.

TomTom today launches a new range of GPS watches to deliver at-a-glance performance information for runners, cyclists and swimmers. The new, ultra-slim TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport GPS sport watches feature an extra-large display, full-screen graphical training tools and the industry’s first one-button control to make it easier for users to access the information needed to stay motivated and achieve their goals.

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A suiter commuter from Down Under

Designed by a couple of guys who cycle to work regularly, fly often and exercise daily, the Wingman bag will keep your dress clothes pristine on your back.

Similar in concept to the Suitpack, the Henty Wingman rolls your dress clothes into a satchel instead of folding them.

The Wingman (patent pending) was designed to transport business suits, dresses, shirts, ipads and accessories with the convenience of a satchel on your back. The suit bag has semi-rigid vertical ribs which restricts the diameter when rolled, minimising garment creases. This is what differentiates the Wingman from its poorer cousins – traditional fold in half suit bags. It also comes with a gym / utility bag and can be used with the suit bag or separately.

Rolling clothes is good in general. Ask the army.

‘If you’re on your bike, wear white’ –Mick Jagger

Reflective pants clip photo

Eno Windrider Bicycle Reflective Pant Clip (

In 1966 the Rolling Stones’ cut “Something Happened to Me Yesterday” ended with that bit of advice from young Mick Jagger:

Well thank you very much and now I think it’s time for us all to go
So from all of us to all of you
Not forgetting the boys in the band and our producer Reg Thorpe
We’d like to say God bless
So if you’re out tonight, don’t forget, if you’re on your bike
Wear white
Evening all… is featuring a gallery of their favorite reflective gear, including the “Mercurial” reflective pants clip shown above.

Backpack has integrated LED taillight

LED backpack pic

The LED powered fiber optic panel is flexible, waterproof and less than 1mm thick

These people also make helmets with integrated lights – but for we unhelmeted few, here’s a way to buy into the LED safety scheme:

FLUX, the first waterproof backpack with LED lighting, is constructed of a durable 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon exterior and a Tarpaulin vinyl coated polyester lining. FLUX offers you a clean, subtle design during the day coupled with LED powered lighting for maximum visibility at night.

…and I do mean buy: It’s currently marked down to $120 … from $180.

Well, here’s something we like

Halo Belt pic

Not to mention that belt looks like it could be useful on a footbike, too.