This may be more useful than I at first thought

Innovative backpack designed by Gustavo Brenck transforms into a scooter. (

Here’s a scooter that’s designed to fold into a backpack. It seems odd at first blush – a scooter you can wear on your back while riding a … ? Actually it’s designed for commuters who want to mix scooting with public transportation, or who want to unobtrusively carry their rides into their hoity-toity offices.

Or, yes, you can use it as a “life-scooter” in case your Kickbike® catches a flat…


Maybe a celestial terrestrial commuter?

Alien Scooter pic

Trottinette Magazine ran this pic of a scooter found in Barcelona with the comment “This scooter can not have a terrestrial origin!”

Soundtrack (above): John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra, “Hope” and “Celestial Terrestrial Commuters,” recorded live at the Palace Theatre in New York on November 7, 1973

Ever done any boondoggling?*

London bike-lane rendering

Mayor of London unveils £1 billion bike-lane masterplan. (GizMag)

From GizMag:

The Mayor of London has announced nearly £1 billion of spending intended to overhaul London’s cycle routes. The plan includes the creation of a 15-mile (24-km) “Crossrail for the bike,” substantially segregated from road traffic, connecting the suburbs of East and West London.

When I lived on Manhattan (the ‘seventies and ‘eighties) there were bicycle lanes (aka boondoggles) on some of the avenues; they were separated from the street by double-sided curbstones. They promptly filled up with pedestrians hailing taxicabs and hot-dog carts, and the curbstones effectively trapped cyclists encountering same. Luckily footbikes can use sidewalks in most areas – is London among them?

*Egbert Sousé to a fellow patron of the Black Pussy Cat Café in The Bank Dick (1940)

A suiter commuter from Down Under

Designed by a couple of guys who cycle to work regularly, fly often and exercise daily, the Wingman bag will keep your dress clothes pristine on your back.

Similar in concept to the Suitpack, the Henty Wingman rolls your dress clothes into a satchel instead of folding them.

The Wingman (patent pending) was designed to transport business suits, dresses, shirts, ipads and accessories with the convenience of a satchel on your back. The suit bag has semi-rigid vertical ribs which restricts the diameter when rolled, minimising garment creases. This is what differentiates the Wingman from its poorer cousins – traditional fold in half suit bags. It also comes with a gym / utility bag and can be used with the suit bag or separately.

Rolling clothes is good in general. Ask the army.

Backpack has integrated LED taillight

LED backpack pic

The LED powered fiber optic panel is flexible, waterproof and less than 1mm thick

These people also make helmets with integrated lights – but for we unhelmeted few, here’s a way to buy into the LED safety scheme:

FLUX, the first waterproof backpack with LED lighting, is constructed of a durable 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon exterior and a Tarpaulin vinyl coated polyester lining. FLUX offers you a clean, subtle design during the day coupled with LED powered lighting for maximum visibility at night.

…and I do mean buy: It’s currently marked down to $120 … from $180.

Dave Riley bags his Mibo

Mibo picAround here, the smallest scooters we generally regard have wheels of twelve inches or larger. (Though this is still rather cool.)

Dave Riley has documented his Mibo experience: Uncrating it, getting to know its quirks, and comparing it to his Kickbike.

So, has he gotten rid of it (“bagged it”)? On the contrary, he’s found the key to traveling with it (as opposed to on it):

At 8 kgm it isn’t especially light but that’s not the primary issue in way of cartage. Unfortunately, the Mibo isn’t a balanced carry and after a distance discomfort can set in.


Outside, out and about, the scooter is better riden rather than carried but when folded and ‘ported’ between scoots I find that it is preferable to bag the scooter rather than let it travel naked.

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Scooter gives new meaning to ‘touring luggage’

Roy on scooter

Niklas Roy showed the right impulse given the hardware he had at hand: a Razor™-type scooter and a battered travel case. He cobbled together this populist take on this recent Kickboard USA ride.

Of course, I say it’s better because its two wheels trump the Micro Luggage’s three, stability-wise.

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