You know you’re a hardcore kicker when…

  • You take the long way around on your errands
  • You buy a cyclometer to count those miles
  • You find fancy ways to tie your shoes so the laces won’t catch on your scooter
  • You bookmark bicycle-parts sites – for handlebars, wheels, forks and racks – only
  • You become a connoisseur of handlebar bags
  • You scour the ‘net for unpadded bicycle shorts
  • You don’t feel the least bit self-conscious about looking like a Rolls-Royce hood ornament
  • You spend way too much time thinking about how to lower your deck an inch
  • When you go out for the evening, the part you look forward to the most is getting there (and back)
  • You often dream about kicking
  • Riding a bicycle becomes annoying
  • You move beyond English or [your primary language here] when trolling the Internet for footbiking stuff
  • The eye chart at your optometrist looks like this to you.
  • When you haven’t kicked for a few days, you miss people asking, “What IS that?” (But it’s a lot more embarrassing if you’re not on your scooter and they ask the same question.)
  • When you “get religion” and vow, for instance, to spend less time at the keyboard, it plays out like this
  • Even when it comes to exotics, you prefer footbikes to cars
  • You interrupt rides to write down ‘blog entries like this one
  • …until you come to begrudge any interruptions in your scooting

More to come as I think of them. Submissions are also welcome.


2 Responses

  1. One more to add to your excellent list:
    When you go out for the evening, the part you look forward to the most is getting there (and back).

  2. Great webpage. If you have checked out the site, my blog has a post about the Kickabout. It would be great to be able to post something on your site about it. Thanks for all your work.

    Yours, Jamie

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