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More Kick France partying

This time in the beautiful Bohemian forest, at the Tour of Šumava

Gee, that techno music just never gets old! @@

It should be called the Mibo Transformer

Not the Mibo Faltroller.

Although ‘faltroller’ works. It might be a portmanteau Polish-German word from “fal” = waves and “(tre)troller” = scooter, meaning ocean scooter. (Sailboat not included.) A tip of the bucket hat to Dave Riley.

New Kick France 2013 vid: It is coming

In this age of cable TV, when we finally have better-than-decent Tour de France coverage in the States, let’s hope some of it features our guys.

Impressive list of sponsors. Y’all can help support the kickers in a fun and cool way by buying an official jersey.

Kicker votes with her feet

…as it were. “Hello Kickbike … Goodbye Blauwerk

Fernando kicks the Terra de Remences – hard

Fernando at Terra de Remences pic

Fernando also hosted a booth where he showed off the scooters from his shop to the many bicyclists

Spanish mile-junkie Fernando Zendrera showed 300 bicyclists how it’s done at the famous climbing event, covering 97.5 miles and 1100 vertical meters in 6 hours and 28 minutes:

Viva Fernando y su patinete!

There are a few hills in San Fran. Mind the gates.

The indomitable Dixon Newton is back: here he takes his life in his hands (not to mention those skinny little tires) sampling downhills around the Golden Gate.

I’d be too afraid, on a Xootr, of winding up at the Pearly Gates. Where’s that gravity bike?