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AeroTech Designs Bikewear: Fine bicycle-wear from Pa.; includes unpadded bike shorts (“fitness shorts”)

Every Bicycle Tire: Over 1400 high-quality bicycle tires, rims, wheels and hubs

700Cand 18″bicycle tires at Amazon

Harris Cyclery: ships hard-to-find bicycle parts and accessories world-wide. Their old catalog was maintained and featured articles by the late bicycling guru Sheldon Brown

Hostel Shoppe Recumbents: Good place for tubes and tires

Rivendell Bicycles: Grant Petersen’s (the man behind Bridgestone Bicycles USA) old-school bicycle and parts store. Think leather, tweed and lugged steel frames

Schwalbe Tires: Good source of pneumatic bicycle tires; also at Amazon

Scooter Neckties: I have no agreement with this store; I just like these ties, even if they do represent Razor-type scooters

Scooter-Sport Store: Footbiking finery and iconic accessories for your every two-wheeled fashion need

Velo Orange: an east-coast bicycle, -parts and -accessories store with a retro-grouch slant similar to Rivendell, above, but a little less snooty (not that there’s anything wrong with it!)


Blue Mountain Fitness: Bob Schutz’ footbiking and fitness ‘blog. Footbike-specific pages are here

Dog-Powered Scooters: Dog-powered scooters, trikes and skateboards

Footbike™ Fitness [pdf]: The Footbike™: A Physical Therapist’s Observational Perspective ©

Mark’s Daily Apple: Primal Living in the Modern World

Recover Your Stride: Jim Hansen’s ‘blog looks at the therapies and strategies (including footbiking) encountered in an effort to recover my stride


Out Your Back Door: Media & things for transition era fun – since 1991

Rat Rod Bikes: Custom and home-brewed bicycles (and scooters – FatBoy is a member of the forum)

the-vu: An Original Internet Magazine – Online Every Day Since July 1st 2000, at


Bicycle Tutor: Bike maintenance/repair videos – useful for brakes, headsets, hubs, wheels

Kick Scooter Classifications: From the-vu

Kicksled Primer: Equally applicable to, and with an explicit section on, footbiking technique


AW Footbikes: AW Footbikes International

BCS Brevettati: Italian scooters for fitness and racing. In Italian

Diggler: Home of the Original Mountain Scooter – Dog Scooter, Kids Scooter and Electric Scooter; also at Amazon.

Dog-Powered Scooters: Dog-powered scooters, featuring their own purpose-built model.

Effendi Bikes: Footbikes from Effendi in Germany. In German

ESLA Scooters: Small-wheeled scooters from Finland

Exion Scooters: Beautiful carbon footbikes from the Netherlands. In Dutch

Footbike USA: AW Footbikes in the U.S.

Kick-It Marketing: Utah Representatives for Footbike™

Kickbike America: Kickbikes™ in the U.S. Kickbike™ – the original sport scooter

Kickbikes at Amazon

Kickbike Northwest: The Northwest regional dealer of Kickbike™ scooters, committed to promoting and providing an environmentally friendly form of exercise, transportation, or just plain fun. Have you kicked your bike today?

Kostka Scooters: A range of scooters from the Czech Republic

MIBO Scooters: Small-wheeled scooters from the Czech Republic

MIBO Space: MIBO’s English-language site

Monopattini Italia: Comprehensive collection from the Italian footbiking organization. In Italian

No Gears Needed: Your source for Footbikes™ in Southern California An eshop based in London.

Sidewalker Scooters: Scooters from Austria

Skate Hut: Skatehut leads the way when it comes to Scooters, with the biggest selection of complete small-wheeled stunt and commuter scooters in the UK. Since 1999 the scooter specialist in the Benelux countries. In Dutch

Strideglide Scooters: Scooters from Minnesota

Sudpfalz Adventures: Germany’s giant scooter shop. In German

Swifty Scooters: Folding scooters from Manchester

Tretroller Portal: Scooter information, links, tips, instructions, schedules, etc. In German

Toucan Scooters from the Canadian Belize Bicycles Co.; good-looking scooters with unfortunately high footboards. Similar to Czech Yedoo scooters. Online retailer has added Kickbikes®, Toucans and Xootrs to its lineup.

Yedoo Scooters from the Czech Republic; very similar to Toucan scooters, down to the high decks; perhaps they’re from the same supplier.

Social Media

facebook: I myself will have nothing to do with facebook, but Thijza Brouwer of IKSA says, We have a fast-growing IKSA facebook group in which many updates can be found. Also many national footbike organisations have next to website their own facebook group. There is also a USA and Belgium footbike national organisation in development as we speak. There is also a kicksled facebook group. Go there and search if you have an account and don’t care about privacy.

Footbike mail list: Yahoo!

Kickbike USA mail list: Yahoo!

Kickbiking mail list: Yahoo!

Twitter: Twits are people, too! Here’s a twitter hashtag search for #footbike OR #kickbike OR #xootr OR #knowped


IKSA: International Kicksled and Scooter Association

National footbike organizations | forums | contacts

Translation Tools

SYSTRAN translation services – because not everyone trusts Google (not to mention Yahoo! or Microsoft). Right-click on a foreign-language link you’d like to visit and choose “Copy Link” or the equivalent, then visit SYSTRAN and paste the link where indicated and choose the “from” and “to” languages. If your desired languages aren’t represented, there are other online translators.


Kick Racer: Kicking fast, but checking out the trees. World Champion Gary Schmitt’s weblog

Kickbike & Kettlebell: Dave Riley’s ‘blog, aka Dave Riley and Ratbag Radio

Kickblogger’s Journal: John V. in New Hampshire

Let’s Kick Scoot: Fun for the Xootr-and-smaller crowd

‘Tis the Condition: A long journey begins with a single kick. In Finnish

Trottinette E-zine: The magazine of the footbike. In French Write your own ‘blog

More links as I think of them. If you want to trade links, drop me a line