Poetry Corner: It is ever thus

The aurochs is proud and has great horns

The aurochs is proud and has great horns

ᚢ Ur
The aurochs is proud and has great horns;
it is a very savage beast and fights with its horns;
a great ranger of the moors, it is a creature of mettle.

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So was the name thereof *

Footbiker pic

Dashiell Hammett wrote, in a Continental Op story: Continue reading

New book ‘Tretrollersport’ is all about footbiking

Book coverJens Seemann and Joachim Sternal have come up with the first book I’ve seen on the scooting-sport. It’s in German, but that shouldn’t keep anyone from enjoying it. From its page on Tredition:

Read about the history of kicking techniques, kick-scooter applications, materials, health issues, tips, and national and international competitions. 200 photos (1/3 color), exciting race reports, cartoons and interesting information to make this first book on the Tretroller (footbike) sport a must for Tretrollerfans – from beginners to top athletes.

Watch a flip-through of this handsome tome at YouTube.