Dryland racing – doggie-style

Claudia Hanel with her dogs as she prepares them for a training session. (Western Star photo)

Claudia Hanel with her dogs as she prepares them for a training session. (Western Star photo)

Dog-scootering is to traditional mushing as kicking is to sledding – an alternative and adjunct. From the Corner Brook, Canada Western Star:

Claudia Hanel’s foray into dog sled racing is off to a good start with an impressive showing in Bristol.

Hanel, a 46-year-old Germany native who lives in Frenchman’s Cove, participated in two races at the 2014 Bristol Dryland Canadian Championship Dog Race Sunday in the Quebec town.


Hanel is expected to participate in two more dryland races over the next two weeks with both taking place in the United States.

Her dryland races will include testing her dogs in canicross — cross-country running with the dogs pulling her from behind — and dog scootering, which involves one or more dogs pulling a human riding an unmotorized kick scooter.

(Hanel holds her own at Bristol dog races,’ The Western Star)


DogPoweredScooters now made ‘in-house’


Mark Schuette of DogPoweredScooter.com is now manufacturing scooters of his own design — purpose-built from the ground up for the discriminating musher.

P1000932The rear end can accommodate multiple attachment points for the crew, including spoke protectors for their safety.

With a nice low footboard, Mark claims it’s more kick-friendly and ergonomic than the Diggler. It certainly looks so, and will join that bike under ‘Scooters’ on the links page.

Kicker votes with her feet

…as it were. “Hello Kickbike … Goodbye Blauwerk

Mountain Biking on a Kickbike Cross Max?

This question was put to the Yahoo! kickbiking mail-list recently: Continue reading

I’d rather see them pulling scooters, myself*

Dog driving car pic (yep)

Is that a squirrel?

From my FOX Orlando:

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – a trainer in New Zealand is teaching man’s best friend to drive – really!

The SPCA in Auckland thought it would be a good way to showcase how smart rescue dogs are and perhaps improve their adoption rate. So they called on animal trainer, Mark Vette, who was up for the challenge.

*As in Practical Urban Mushing.

Two feet good; four are fine, too

Fun on a dog scooterHere’s a new YouTube video uploaded by a happy customer of DogPoweredScooter.com, where the first priority is dog safety. Dog fun seems to be right up there, too, not to mention kicker fun.

These scooters are an interesting alternative to traditional scooter mushing; the dog(s) are behind the steering wheel, making esoteric commands unnecessary. All the dogs have to do is run (if they feel like it), and the kicker can still help.

Just watch out for them squirrels!


This page has been up awhile, but Mark Schuette is now marketing it with a page on PR-Inside.com. It’s about dog-powered scooters (and tricycles), and shows some amazing rigs.

There is a disclaimer meant to alleviate the fears of folks worried about the canines, though it ends strangely: “Dog mushing is a serious sport that has as its first priority dog safety. When starting out with a new dog it is recommended to use a helmet, gloves, knee pads and sturdy, grippy soled shoes.”

But what about the rider? Haw, haw! =)