BMX scooters of the ‘eighties and beyond

I spent most of the eighties on the saddles of various bicycles, and so missed all this.

Mongoose Miniscoot

Mongoose made a “miniscoot” in the ‘eighties. This is from 1987. (Click on images for more views and details.) Similar Mongooses (Mongeese?) are still available at Amazon.

1986 General Sidekick

Here’s a General Sidekick from 1986,

Old School GT Zoot Scoot

A circa 1988 Old School GT Zoot Scoot

2000 Dyno Zoot Scoot

And a 2000 Dyno Zoot Scoot. Thanks and a tip o’ the helmet to Clyde on the Yahoo! Kickbiking mail list.

Kickbike Freeride

And don’t forget, Kickbike is getting back into this fray with their new Freeride.


18 Responses

  1. Where do I get one???
    a GT Zoot Scoot??

  2. haha!! I’ve got that same exact Dyno Scooter, I bought it at my local thrift store for 5 bucks 7 years ago and have held on tightly to it ever since.

    Surprisingly it’s in great shape and the stickers are all still there, and thats the way it stayed… I ride it around town every once in awhile.

  3. thanks very good nice to meet post 15

  4. stunt scooters…

    […]BMX scooters of the ‘eighties and beyond «[…]…

  5. BMX…

    […]BMX scooters of the ‘eighties and beyond «[…]…

  6. Does anyone know where i xan purchase an 80s kick scooter? Thanks

  7. i found an old magna freestyle in the forest behind my house. It is rusty and the brakes are not functional, but I am going to fix it and use it. Any advice?

  8. Doesn’t Torker still sell 16″ and 12″ models? See Amazon….

  9. i had the mongoose. Used to kick it for blocks. never liked the plate because i skated at the time. Mongoose made these because of a surplus of bike frames in their inventory.

  10. That General Sidekick looks almost exactly like the chrome wonder that I bought in the late 80’s. $50 new. It’s the highest mileage scooter I have ever owned

  11. I found a scooter today at the thrift store the only thing on it is camel. It looks awesome it’s neon green and has all pads with white Mags. I can’t find anything about it anywhere does anyone know anything about this.

  12. The first bicycle I bought was in 1972 – it was a cheap steel Chinese 10-speed but of good quality and its marque was “Camel,” maybe from the same distributor. It was bright green. Internet search today reveals very little about actual “Camel” bikes.

  13. i have a dyno 2000 scoot original condition normal wear and tear 100$$

  14. Ebay and amazon…… Craiglist too

  15. I’ve got 1 for sale!
    Mail me. !


  16. […] A “real” 80s scooter made by Dyno or Mongoose would cost a pretty penny due to their vintage value. Side note: you can now buy Mongoose bikes at Target – they’re closer to Variflex in quality compared to their 80s offerings. […]

  17. I have a rare white GT Zoot Scoot for sale.

  18. I have two sick norco graffitis I just picked up with gyros and pegs mag rims

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