For the record, it’s here: 2×28 Kickbike

The Kickbike Race Max 28

In one of my rare forays out onto the interwebz I finally saw this. Kickbike has addressed my main complaint about mainstream scooters and given us a bike with two 700C wheels.

Of course if you’re “on facebook” (is that like being “on drugs”?) you probably already know this: Kickbike’s website says, next to a facebook logo, “703 people like this. Sign Up to see what your friends like.” Yeah, no; I’d rather walk.

Kickbike is selling this from their website for €629.00 (email them for postage rates).


Swifty in America

Kentand the Swifty in front of G and O Family Cyclery in Greenwood. Photo by Madi Carlson.

Kent and the Swifty in front of G and O Family Cyclery in Greenwood. Photo by Madi Carlson.

Long-time cyclist Kent Peterson has imported a Swifty scooter to the Seattle area. Kent, who recently and enthusiastically discovered the KickPed, has upped his game to the point of buying a Swifty scooter. While he’s learning about it, here’s a collection of pictures he’s taken of the immigrant. More will follow at Kent’s ‘blog.

Not bad … for an electric

What we have here is a 40 lbs electric scooter with a 10-15 mile range that neatly folds to fit in the back of a MINI.

People – and consumers, MINI hopes – do love scooters. Here’s a concept electric designed to fit in the trunk of a BMW MINI. At 40 pounds, when the juice runs out (not if), it should be pretty easy to kick.

MINI is a transportation company. They solve transportation problems in smart and stylish ways that hold true to the MINI brand. And in this case that doesn’t necessarily mean an automotive solution. Today MINI takes the wraps off of the MINI Citysurfer, a product designed to solve transportation needs of urban dwellers in the most space and fuel efficient way possible while holding true to the kind of fun we expect with MINI products.

And then there’s the Scooter-SportPed … more about that here.

DogPoweredScooters now made ‘in-house’


Mark Schuette of is now manufacturing scooters of his own design — purpose-built from the ground up for the discriminating musher.

P1000932The rear end can accommodate multiple attachment points for the crew, including spoke protectors for their safety.

With a nice low footboard, Mark claims it’s more kick-friendly and ergonomic than the Diggler. It certainly looks so, and will join that bike under ‘Scooters’ on the links page.

If you thought you looked silly on a footbike…

The Bowboard has been years in development, and gone through five prototypes before arriving at the production-ready design you see here. Really?

…for Heaven’s sake don’t even think about bouncing on a bowboard, apparently the demon spawn of a Razor and a trampoline! Even the IQ-lowering official vid will only show two quick pans of people coasting before returning to more typical teenage pursuits.

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Second first-principles scooter

The new bike folds down to a package not much bigger than the wheel diameter, and it is over a pound lighter then the first one, at 7.8 lbs.

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Okay, I don’t have THAT much time on my hands

‘What device, vehicle, object, etc would you like to see powered by a cordless drill and how would you do it?’

If you’ve ever had a hankering to fit a Milwaukee M28 Right Angle Drill to a footbike for a motor (and who hasn’t?), here’s how to do it.