Here’s WHY sitting is bad for you

Einstein could have been even smarter by losing the seat and pedals (From “Cycling is good for you”)

I first heard the notion that sitting is bad for you in 2010; then it was a hypothesis based on polling and observation. Now it seems that a scientist in Stockholm has come up with why it is so.
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I believe sixth anniversary gifts are iron and wood

Iron, wood antique scooters pic

Maybe Dave should buy these … for his Kickbike®

Dave Riley and his Kickbike® are still in love:

This year marks my sixth year scooting about this planet on a kickbike.

And they have been six very happy years.

This scooter has given me not one moment of trouble and we have had many adventures together.

In fact, like the coppers in Flan O’Brien’s dark comedy, The Third Policeman I’m beginning to turn into my ride.

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TomTom unveils multi-sport GPS fitness watches

TomTom GPS watches will hit the market soon (GizMag)

For you number-crunchers who would nevertheless like to maintain a pristine (unadorned) scooter, TomTom has created a GPS fitness computer for your wrist.

TomTom today launches a new range of GPS watches to deliver at-a-glance performance information for runners, cyclists and swimmers. The new, ultra-slim TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport GPS sport watches feature an extra-large display, full-screen graphical training tools and the industry’s first one-button control to make it easier for users to access the information needed to stay motivated and achieve their goals.

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Away with all crutches!

Beggar on Crutches artwork pic

My broken phalange has mended enough to walk today without cast, crutch or boot. Because of the Orthopedist’s dire warnings I was scrupulous in keeping weight off it until last week, when he said I could walk on it with the walking boot for a week. Said week being up this morning, I have been peregrinating in normal shoes since then, and the only pain is where my plantar fascia joins my heel, as I haven’t been bending my ankle since the break. The side of my foot feels okay after a half a day on it. Lord have mercy!

So I’ll walk around, gingerly, for another week, and then start walking distances. When I’m confident of the foot’s stability I’ll get on the bicycle, and then on the scooter when I feel it’s time to cross the final frontier.

Celebrity sighting: Akwasi Frimpong

Akwaski Frimpong knows a winning athletic discipline when he sees one. (Of course, he grew up in Amsterdam.)

Akwasi on Kickbike pic

Tell me about it

I feel her pain. Nice cast.


Tough luck for a footbiker

Foot bones pic

Drat! I busted my foot! Actually, the No. 5 phalange – the third bone back from the pinky toe on my left foot. Released from the hospital last week with a walker boot and some crutches, it soon felt comfortable enough to get around with a cane, and I had an appointment with the Orthopaedist in one week.

Well, he had bad news: that bone, because of blood-flow issues and flexibility, doesn’t usually heal easily. He put me in a cast and off the cane. I must not put my weight on the foot at all, so it’s back to the crutches or a walker. The walker is at least a little less unwieldly than the crutches, but it’ll be a winsome six weeks until I see the doctor again.

How’d I do it? Too embarrassing to mention – but be careful clambering up onto a bed when changing ceiling-fan lights.

I suppose my return to wheels will be on a bicycle, but I’ll get back on the scooter ASAP. At least when I broke my elbow back in the day in a bike crash, I could still ride the bicycle in the cast. In the meantime if I post even still less frequently than is my wont, here be my excuse. Mice and rats!