DogPoweredScooters now made ‘in-house’


Mark Schuette of is now manufacturing scooters of his own design — purpose-built from the ground up for the discriminating musher.

P1000932The rear end can accommodate multiple attachment points for the crew, including spoke protectors for their safety.

With a nice low footboard, Mark claims it’s more kick-friendly and ergonomic than the Diggler. It certainly looks so, and will join that bike under ‘Scooters’ on the links page.


The Olaf is getting around

The Olaf luggage scooter, featured recently on Scooter-Sport, has since been spooted spotted (what was that? Dutch?) in the pages of I AM EXPAT, a Dutch general site for expatriates, and yesterday, the U.K. Daily Mail.

It has met and exceeded its Kickstarter goal and looks to be headed for production.

Its designer is not the first to come up with the concept, but its “Transformers” bent and some aggressive marketing have given it a leg up, as it were.

Kick(start) this!


The Olaf Kickscooter team has two projects on Kickstarter and they could use some crowdfunding: The Olaf Urban is a crossover between a Kickscooter, Trolley, Backpack and a Skate. It also allows you to put any bag on your scooter.

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If you thought you looked silly on a footbike…

The Bowboard has been years in development, and gone through five prototypes before arriving at the production-ready design you see here. Really?

…for Heaven’s sake don’t even think about bouncing on a bowboard, apparently the demon spawn of a Razor and a trampoline! Even the IQ-lowering official vid will only show two quick pans of people coasting before returning to more typical teenage pursuits.

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The persistence of mummery

"It simply is an urban commuter’s best friend, and there’s no denying it."

“It simply is an urban commuter’s best friend, and there’s no denying it.”

Small-wheeled scooters, albeit convenient, remain almost as hard a sell as footbikes, having made little market penetration apart from nerds.

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UrbanScooters becoming Super-Scooter-Market with Xootrs

Xootr CRUZ ULTRA kick scooter at, already adding Toucans and Kickbikes® to their offerings, is completing a hat trick by offering Xootrs as well. is proud to make public the addition of Xootr push scooters to the Marketplace, a comparison shopping engine that exhibits personal and commuter vehicles from a variety of merchants from all across the internet.

The Xootr brand of push scooters is manufactured and licensed to Xooter LCC. This is a long standing company that has been in the personal vehicles market since its inception in 1999. Xootr has built its reputation on consistently producing quality and innovative products at competitive prices. Xootr scooters have the distinction of having to ability to fold quickly and easily for straight-forward transportation and storage.

Looks like time I added to the Links page. collecting footbike inventory

Toucans are now available at, a popular site for Razor sales, is adding Toucans to the Kickbike® America scooters in their lineup. From is pleased to announce the addition of Toucan kick-bikes to the Marketplace, a comparison shopping engine that displays eco-friendly personal vehicles, such as bicycles and scooters, from a large assortment of manufacturers from all over the web.

Toucan kick bikes, also go by the title of push scooters, kick scooters or push bikes. However, they can best be defined as a combination of a classic bike and a kick scooter. First of all, a kick bike uses the power of the rider to propel it, it has no pedals, it has a platform and riders need to be standing to use this vehicle. In this way it is very much like a typical scooter. The unique thing about kick bikes is that they possess tires and handle bars that are commonly found on most standard bikes.

Yes, Toucans have high decks, but they sure are pretty.