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Lots of happiness!

Today 65 km to Kolobce. @KickFrance2013 tomorow go 230 km. Lots of happiness! #kickbike pic.twitter.com/IFGwg9hG0u

Is this a footbike?

Russian pro bike racer Alex Kolobnev wonders about footbikes in the Tour de France:

Alexandr's idea of a footbike? Rilly?

Alexandr’s idea of a footbike? Rilly?

Beautiful people update

They still ride Xootrs …

..and wear Rolexes

Tell me about it

The inexplicable dark side of Xootrs

How did they both “almost die” … were they riding at the same time (which might explain the scooter failure shown in the pic)?

One woman’s journey of scooter-discovery

Next step: the Scooter-SportPed?