Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

Hamilton’s Campbell Buckingham, 6, had his Poppa Stuart Cottam, 69, with him for Saturday’s unofficial world record mass kick scooter parade attempt on New Plymouth’s Coastal Walkway. (ANDY JACKSON/Fairfax NZ)

From the Taranaki Daily News (New Zealand):

An unofficial world record breaking kick scooter attempt has fallen short, but no one seemed to be that concerned.

More than 489 scooter riders needed to muster at New Plymouth’s Te Rewa Rewa bridge and scoot to 3.2 kilometres to East End Reserve on Saturday for the city to break its own Guinness Book of Records record for the world largest kick scooter parade.

It didn’t quite get there but organisers weren’t too worried with the unofficial attempt falling short, saying it was still a good way to have a fun and celebrate how more and more kids choose to get to school.


Here, I think, I’d rather be sitting

He smoked a Ferrari F430 Scudiera, a 503-horspower beast that hits 62 mph in 3.6 seconds.

He smoked a Ferrari F430 Scudiera, a 503-horspower beast that hits 62 mph in 3.6 seconds.

François Gissy hit 207 mph on a bicycle powered by three rocket engines. From Wired Magazine:

The bike, designed by Gissy’s friend Arnold Neracher, is for the most part normal. Aside from those rockets, of course. The frame is elongated, probably to improve stability, but the pedals still work. It rides on a pair of fat tires, and the brakes are standard stuff, albeit essentially useless at that kind of speed. Gissy can use them to stabilize himself, but mostly leaves them alone. Yes, brakes are the type of thing you usually improve before subjecting yourself supercar velocities and 1.96 Gs of acceleration, but whatever.

World Championship results from IKSA

And after each WC footbike day The OFFICIAL results will be online (updated each evening) at the International Kicksled and Scooter Association.

24-hour World Record falls

Here are a few pictures of the bike and here’s Peter, left, with Mario Reijne, from StepTeam HighLevel’s page on the carbon scooters Peter built for them.

UPDATE: IKSA tweets: Times of the 24hour footbike record are now official and are online in Excel format.

Utah Valley Marathon has footbike division

UV marathonersAnd it’s coming up June 11, 2011. Footbikes start ten minutes before the marathon. Simple as that. BTW, this year’s race is sold out. Train up for next year in Utah.

Milking the Salt Lake City marathon

Got milk?And rightly so. I only touch 15 m.p.h. going downhill, but Sarah, Chris, Mat and Jeff averaged 15 for 25 miles (unofficially).

Sarah says, “Watch for the official times at the Utah Valley Marathon. That race we will be chipped and it will be a full marathon [distance of] 26.2 [miles]. That’s the race for setting records.”

Jeff says, “Our daily goal is to beat 1:30 over the 26.4 distance – and dream about 1:20.”

Kickblogger: SLC Marathon bike tour report

Salt Lake City Marathon

John V. in N.H. has posted a footbiking report from the Salt Lake City Marathon bike tour:

On the Footbiking in the USA Facebook group, Sarah Cox reported that four footbikers (Jeff Oakie, Mat Greensides, Christopher Cox, and Sarah) finished the Salt Lake City Marathon bike tour well under the cutoff time of 1:45 – they all finished the 25 mile (40.23 km.) course in 1:36.

Read the report at Kickblogger »