Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

Hamilton’s Campbell Buckingham, 6, had his Poppa Stuart Cottam, 69, with him for Saturday’s unofficial world record mass kick scooter parade attempt on New Plymouth’s Coastal Walkway. (ANDY JACKSON/Fairfax NZ)

From the Taranaki Daily News (New Zealand):

An unofficial world record breaking kick scooter attempt has fallen short, but no one seemed to be that concerned.

More than 489 scooter riders needed to muster at New Plymouth’s Te Rewa Rewa bridge and scoot to 3.2 kilometres to East End Reserve on Saturday for the city to break its own Guinness Book of Records record for the world largest kick scooter parade.

It didn’t quite get there but organisers weren’t too worried with the unofficial attempt falling short, saying it was still a good way to have a fun and celebrate how more and more kids choose to get to school.


The Olaf is getting around

The Olaf luggage scooter, featured recently on Scooter-Sport, has since been spooted spotted (what was that? Dutch?) in the pages of I AM EXPAT, a Dutch general site for expatriates, and yesterday, the U.K. Daily Mail.

It has met and exceeded its Kickstarter goal and looks to be headed for production.

Its designer is not the first to come up with the concept, but its “Transformers” bent and some aggressive marketing have given it a leg up, as it were.

Feedback report: Nags Head, 26 October

Best breakfast on the beach!

Best breakfast on the beach!

This morning was close to perfect for a kick – around 45° F, still and sunny, so I made it out to my favorite restaurant at the Nags Head pier for breakfast. One of the cooks asked me about the scooter, saying it looked “pretty smooth” and enquiring as to where I bought it. I extolled its features to his agreement and essentially said he should search “kickbike, one word” on the internet. (Sorry, Thijza, but “kickbike” seems to have the most resonance for civilian anglophones.)

On my way home I reluctantly overtook a beautiful girl running (with a handsome guy, alas). After we all exchanged greetings and I kicked on, I heard her say to him, “Now, that’s a scooter!”

The persistence of mummery

"It simply is an urban commuter’s best friend, and there’s no denying it."

“It simply is an urban commuter’s best friend, and there’s no denying it.”

Small-wheeled scooters, albeit convenient, remain almost as hard a sell as footbikes, having made little market penetration apart from nerds.

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I believe sixth anniversary gifts are iron and wood

Iron, wood antique scooters pic

Maybe Dave should buy these … for his Kickbike®

Dave Riley and his Kickbike® are still in love:

This year marks my sixth year scooting about this planet on a kickbike.

And they have been six very happy years.

This scooter has given me not one moment of trouble and we have had many adventures together.

In fact, like the coppers in Flan O’Brien’s dark comedy, The Third Policeman I’m beginning to turn into my ride.

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Fernando kicks the Terra de Remences – hard

Fernando at Terra de Remences pic

Fernando also hosted a booth where he showed off the scooters from his shop to the many bicyclists

Spanish mile-junkie Fernando Zendrera showed 300 bicyclists how it’s done at the famous climbing event, covering 97.5 miles and 1100 vertical meters in 6 hours and 28 minutes:

Viva Fernando y su patinete!

Dateline: Czech Republic: Yedoo brings it

Some participants at the ‘Big Yedoo Scooter Race’

Kicking is certainly popular where English is rarely spoken. In the Czech Republic, home of Kostka, Mibo and Yedoo, thousands showed up for the Big Yedoo Scooter Race in Stromovka park, with 300 kids and adults (above) trying their hand at casual races, and all meeting the “Kick Your Life/Kick France 2013” participants.