Fantasy Footbikes: Bridgestone CB-0

Bridgestone Fantasy Footbike

Today’s entry is a Japanese bike that didn’t sell well in the U.S., but has attained cult status, and as is often the case with products that polarizing, was pulled from the U.S. market. Its visionary designer, though, went on to form his own company, Rivendell, where he produces the spiritual descendants of the late, lamented USA Bridgestones. Grant Petersen’s new Rivendell, Rambouillet, Atlantis, Romulus, Saluki and other bikes enjoy a cult of their own. (Click pic for a larger version.)


One Response

  1. Wow—everyone I knew wanted a ‘zip’, and then everyone I knew who found a ‘zip’ paid a crazy amount for it, extra if it had been abused. Heck—I still check out Ebay on occassion for the darn thing. Didn’t know the brainchild became Rivendell. That might explain why I cannot afford one of those either!!

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