Earbud replacements will let ambient noise in

Road-trip music is great! Ride of the Valkyrie! Harold in Italy! Mix-tapes – er, mp3 playlists! But if you’re in an environment plagued by two-ton behemoths on wheels, you’ll want to be able to hear what they’re up to as well.

Tammy Erdel is seeking funding on Kickstarter for AIRbudz: alternative earbud attachments that can be utilized while listening to music in environments where it’s necessary to be aware of your surroundings in order to stay safe.


I’ll just follow these guys around, thanks

Musical bikes pic

Music-loving helmet-wearers, take note of these nicely designed mini-speakers (as in earbuds). From the manufacturer’s website:

O-tus near ear speakers are much safer than ear buds. Ear buds act like earplugs and block sound from coming to your attention. O-tus speakers mount on your helmet with a really cool fastening material and thus do not block other sounds from reaching your brain.

I hope they’re compatible with beer hats.

To see ourselves as others see

As Richard Thompson has written (in “Burns Supper”), What a new-found friend is honesty / To see ourselves as others see

On bicyclist Thomas Kohn’s blog A year of bike commuting he writes of encountering a footbiker (on day 56). Always an interesting perspective.

Shortly after I started up the Mad River Bikeway, I saw a slowly moving person ahead. From a distance, I could see the person had some machine with wheels. But the rider was bobbing up and down for a few strokes, then holding upright, and then bobbing up and down again. I slowed as I approached, and noted the front wheel was smaller than a 26-inch wheel typical on mountain bikes and the back wheel was even smaller. Between the wheels was a low shelf that was long enough for a foot. I asked the rider about his scooter and how he used it in his routine.

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PS: Speaking of Richard Thompson and two-wheeled conveyances, here’s his love song to one (albeit a motorcycle): Vincent Black Lightning 1952^

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Kids and Kickspark

…and a Happy New Year!

(Music from Byrds founder Roger McGuinn at McGuinn’s Folk Den)

O Pioneers – O Canada – O yeah!

Canadian flagMoses at Footbike USA reports that many Canadian visitors are crossing the virtual 49th parallel to visit his site, feeding dreams of continental Footbike saturation. But who will warehouse the bikes for our neighbors to the north?

Soundtrack: “Alberta” by the Nags Head String Quartet.

Try the Kickbike for fun and fitness

KickbikeOregon’s Kickbike dealer, Harvey Isman, was interviewed recently by Daniel Davis for the Beyond 50 radio show.

For Beyond 50’s Fitness talks, listen to an interview about an innovative bike that is also a scooter combined. Find out about its unique design, how to use it for a great workout, and the health benefits.

A tip of the helmet to John V.