Her heart’s in the right place

Judy Kosovich|Arlington Sustainable Living has an appreciation of scooters on examiner.com:

A push scooter (also known as a kick scooter) is a very handy, fast, inexpensive, pollution-free way to travel a modest distance in about one third the time it takes to walk. When you get to your destination, it collapses into something you can carry. You can get on the Metro during rush hour. You can take advantage of bike lanes, and often streets provide better surfaces for scooting than do sidewalks.

“Modest distance” is a clue to the kicker (pun intended of course) of her last sentence: “I have found Razor to be a very durable brand.” Still, her heart’s in the right place, even if she’s another one who can’t spell “brake.”

She even changes legs, too, a good thing, though as you’ll see, at a very slow pace:

To change legs, step on the ground with your free leg, then step on the ground with your standing leg, then step on the scooter with your previously free leg. You may need to reduce your speed to change legs.

I do hope there’s no traffic behind her when she pulls that.


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