Would you believe …

…that these two educators also rode the Tour de France on scooters … these scooters? And it only took them seven years!

Bon pour eux! Read about it in computer-translated English at l’Informateur [+].


Fernando’s Rideaway

The Route.

Señor Zendrera intends to kick his longest distance yet – 930 miles. You can follow him live via his site, with location, actual distance traveled, elevation, average speed and data summaries every 24 hours. The fun begins July 17.

the-vu from here: Schooled on a scooter

USC pool pic

Jeffrey’s Mibo by the Nostril Reflecting Pool at USC. (the-vu)

Los Angeles is more scooter-friendly than you might think. the-vu’s Jeffrey the Barak finds there is benefit in higher education: Continue reading

So was the name thereof *

Footbiker pic

Dashiell Hammett wrote, in a Continental Op story: Continue reading

I left my skin in San Francisco

Dixon Newton posted a video to YouTube: exploring San Francisco on his Xootr. I have an octopus camera mount that I plan on affixing to the rear fender of my Footbike® so that I and the road ahead can be seen, and doing a similar vid around one of my habitual tracks (as soon as my foot heals: soon). Dixon’s video just shows the front wheel of his Xootr, and 2:52 of parts of Frisco. Still, it’s all good. Continue reading

Join Alpo in the Alps

Alps footbiker pic

“Enroll for a day or few, or just come to kick our asses (that will push us forward, you know).”

Continue reading

730 km over 124 hours divided by 50 years of age: priceless

On the road with Fernano pic

Fernando Zendrera of Madrid is a real mile-eater on his BCS patinete, having kicked from Zaragoza to Barcelona in 32 hours and from San Sebastian to Barcelona in 74 hours. Now he’s made it from Madrid to Barcelona in 124 hours with lots of TV and radio coverage. Read about it here (in Spanish) and here, in English.