The sweet spot

Jeffrey the Barak cocks a thoughtful eye at the ebikes trend, surveying low-end transportation systems “From a One Foot Hop to E-Bikes” at the-vu, asserting that there is room for all of ’em (even if I resent having to post about e-scooters, simply because of a lack of other news in the two-wheels-and-a-handlebar world).

The sweetest reading for me, though, comes when he reveals his own favorite:

Personally I just have to look at a bike with a chain and gears and it spontaneously breaks and has to be carried to a repair shop. These diabolical chain and gear systems are one of the main reasons I love the simple yet inefficient kick scooter so much.

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Here, I think, I’d rather be sitting

He smoked a Ferrari F430 Scudiera, a 503-horspower beast that hits 62 mph in 3.6 seconds.

He smoked a Ferrari F430 Scudiera, a 503-horspower beast that hits 62 mph in 3.6 seconds.

François Gissy hit 207 mph on a bicycle powered by three rocket engines. From Wired Magazine:

The bike, designed by Gissy’s friend Arnold Neracher, is for the most part normal. Aside from those rockets, of course. The frame is elongated, probably to improve stability, but the pedals still work. It rides on a pair of fat tires, and the brakes are standard stuff, albeit essentially useless at that kind of speed. Gissy can use them to stabilize himself, but mostly leaves them alone. Yes, brakes are the type of thing you usually improve before subjecting yourself supercar velocities and 1.96 Gs of acceleration, but whatever.

No contest

The front (left) and back (right) of RocketSkates, motorized chariots for your feet. (Andrew Cunningham)

From Ars Technica: While they aren’t actually propelled by rockets, [these] motorized and battery-powered skates will scoot you along at speeds of about 12 miles per hour, and creator Peter Treadway has high hopes that they’ll compete with skateboards, bikes, regular skates, and plain old feet as a form of urban transit.

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OT: Google this!

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Okay, I don’t have THAT much time on my hands

‘What device, vehicle, object, etc would you like to see powered by a cordless drill and how would you do it?’

If you’ve ever had a hankering to fit a Milwaukee M28 Right Angle Drill to a footbike for a motor (and who hasn’t?), here’s how to do it.

Fat wheels (and fat wallets)

Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 C24 Carbon Road Wheel

Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 C24 Carbon Road Wheel

From Bicycling Magazine:

From Tour de France contenders to local club riders, cyclists are choosing wider wheels. Why, after a decade of rolling along smoothly on skinny rims, should we want fatter wheels, which measure up to 27mm wide? Turns out that those narrow rims, especially aero models, weren’t so smooth after all.

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I must be missing something

Huge electric scooter pic

How’d you like to see this coming at you on a sidewalk?

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