You know you’re a hardcore kicker when…

Hardcore Kicker

  • You take the long way around on your errands
  • You buy a cyclometer to count those miles
  • You find fancy ways to tie your shoes so the laces won’t catch on your scooter
  • You bookmark bicycle-parts sites – for handlebars, wheels, forks and racks – only

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shorts link, Pete-0. Five yrs ago, I cut the padding out of 2 pr of cheap Performance bike shorts that I got in 1997. After 12 yrs, I think they’re due for retirement at a toxic waste facility.
    Kick long and prosper,
    Bob Dymond

  2. Hey Bob—-Either take some photos of those shorts for posting at FBUSA—or send them to us for the footbiking museum that we are putting together. Maybe we can yank a sponsorship out of Performance with them…..

  3. Hi Pete. This might belong more to addiction than hardcore, but I’m often dream about kicking.

  4. Thanks Potkupami!

    That’s one I thought of, but forgot! I used to dream about bicycling, but lately have begun to dream specifically about kicking. I remember a dream that I had learned to kick one-handed, for example. Thanks!

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