How long, O Lord, how long?

Trek Incite cyclocomputer… was my last ride? Now I know, thanks to my new Trek Incite Alpine DW computer.

Yesterday, out on my Kickbike, I decided to visit my local bike shop, where they haven’t seen my footbikes yet. The owner, who loves all kinds of bicycles (his shop has everything from top racing road bikes to trick beach cruisers meant to actually ride on sand), smiled when he saw my “step.”

“Check it out,” I invited him, and he took off up the road. One of the mechanics asked if he doesn’t see me most days on the Beach Road. When his boss returned five minutes later, he leant the footbike against his store and staggered in, all sweaty.

“Wow! How out of shape am I,” he laughed. (He’s not.) I said that wasn’t necessarily the case. “It uses a lot of different muscles. I can push a larger gear on a bicycle after riding it, although …”

He said (sparing me the need to complete the thought that I’m not riding my bicycle much anymore), “You could push anything after riding that!”

Feeling pretty good, and since I’ve been putting on more and more miles lately, I bought the aforementioned bike computer from him and kicked home.

(On the way, I passed, going the other way, a fellow on a tall unicycle, the seat of which was as high as my head. “That looks interesting,” he said, looking down.)

So this morning I had a little ten-miler to check it out. The computer told me the kick of 10.2 miles had taken 1:02:16, for an average speed of 9.8 mph, with a maximum speed of 12.3 mph. Oh, and that it was 78 degrees Farenheit out.

And because of my bike-shop encounter, I’m filing this hopefully under “evangelism.”


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  1. Thanks for this blog PH. We bounce back and forth between the guise unassuming kickers, and folks that are investing a lot of time and love in our goal to grow this culture on American soil.

    We found that if we tell interested folks that we are ‘investors’ in this sport then they immediately assume that we HAVE to ride a scooter.

    So one of our favorite pastimes is to roll into a bike shop with a big grin on our face (which you know isn’t too hard) and as the shop bodies converge we say, “Hey, I love this thing, thanks for hooking me up, can I get another one for my wife…….?”

    Okay, so it isn’t as honest as an Evangelical movement, but is is fun watching the bike shop trying to figure out how they sold a footbike! Keep kicking, we’ll get out there soon for a rally and some East Coast sunshine.

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