Shoelace wizard has help for footbikers

Cyclists lacingIf you’ve ever caught a shoelace on a footbike, you’ll appreciate this. Ian Fieggen has devoted part of his eclectic website to shoelaces. He shows off his own easy-to-tie knot and can tell you why your laces keep coming undone.

And he shows a style of lacing supposedly popular with cyclists (which I have never heard of – I raced bicycles from 1980-87, though I haven’t bought laced shoes since around 1985, until my new skateboard shoes).

This style arranges the laces so the knot is tied between the top two eyelets on the outside of each foot, and hangs away from the bike. Wizard!


One Response

  1. I ran across his website a few years back and have been using one of his personally-devised knots to tie my shoes ever since… never comes undone on its own! I blogged about it back then and discovered that the same not had spread throughout my family as a result.

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