How green is my footbike

Calfee's bamboo bikeThis was passed around the KickbikeUSA mail list recently – Calfee Design’s bamboo bicycle. It’s seriously cool, but maybe not all that green: a finished bike will set you back €2,500-3,000.

Of course there are much greener projects, and a homebuilt or two out there (and even instructions for rolling your own), but it seems to me that a footbike is greener still.

Bicycle components that a footbike does without (and which, therefore, don’t need to be manufactured) include:

  • Bottom bracket
  • Crankset (with chainrings and pedals)
  • Chain
  • Derailleurs (or internally-geared rear hub)
  • Freewheel (or even a track sprocket for a fixed-wheel bike)
  • Seat and seatpost

We know that the Amish, who, ex officio, are quite green, have been building scooters for years.

The only aspect of footbiking that’s less green than bicycling is the increased fuel needs – a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will not take you as far on a footbike.


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