So what is a footbike?

Animated scooterWell, what a question! A footbike is the coolest hip prehistoric thing there is on this planet! Simply said, it is a scooter without a motor.

You can use the footbike as a daily means of transport to ride to work or school. It’s a very cool modern replacement for the bicycle and it can be much easier to handle on the street. You can hop off very quickly, and riding a footbike makes you use many different muscles, so it’ll keep you fit.

Another benefit is the price: Footbikes cost less than most bicycles.

Racing on a footbike as a sport is very energy-demanding! If you want to ride long distances, it is recommended to train and prepare. Joining a footbike club could be helpful in this case. If there isn’t one in your area, or even your country, then start one!

We should warn you, there is a Dutch saying that people who touch these footbikes get addicted for life … so beware! (Hear, hear! From the homepage of the Dutch Footbike Federation)


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