The Olaf is getting around

The Olaf luggage scooter, featured recently on Scooter-Sport, has since been spooted spotted (what was that? Dutch?) in the pages of I AM EXPAT, a Dutch general site for expatriates, and yesterday, the U.K. Daily Mail.

It has met and exceeded its Kickstarter goal and looks to be headed for production.

Its designer is not the first to come up with the concept, but its “Transformers” bent and some aggressive marketing have given it a leg up, as it were.


Kick(start) this!


The Olaf Kickscooter team has two projects on Kickstarter and they could use some crowdfunding: The Olaf Urban is a crossover between a Kickscooter, Trolley, Backpack and a Skate. It also allows you to put any bag on your scooter.

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Like a turtle

You can always have raingear with you by carrying your stuff in the elegant Funnell backpack-slash-rainjacket. It’s more than half funded on Kickstarter.

If you thought you looked silly on a footbike…

The Bowboard has been years in development, and gone through five prototypes before arriving at the production-ready design you see here. Really?

…for Heaven’s sake don’t even think about bouncing on a bowboard, apparently the demon spawn of a Razor and a trampoline! Even the IQ-lowering official vid will only show two quick pans of people coasting before returning to more typical teenage pursuits.

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Behind (Helios) bars: Here comes the sun

Helios handlebars pic

All the lighting you need and more, also available in a bullhorn configuration

Many of us enjoy the simplicity of our footbikes. And if true simplicity is lacking, sometimes apparent simplicity is available through concision. Enter Helios handlebars. They will give direct lighting, ambient lighting, turn signals, track your bike and provide a color-indicated speedometer, all without add-ons, so there’s plenty of room left for a bell.

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Well, here’s something we like

Halo Belt pic

Not to mention that belt looks like it could be useful on a footbike, too.

Earbud replacements will let ambient noise in

Road-trip music is great! Ride of the Valkyrie! Harold in Italy! Mix-tapes – er, mp3 playlists! But if you’re in an environment plagued by two-ton behemoths on wheels, you’ll want to be able to hear what they’re up to as well.

Tammy Erdel is seeking funding on Kickstarter for AIRbudz: alternative earbud attachments that can be utilized while listening to music in environments where it’s necessary to be aware of your surroundings in order to stay safe.