Rollin’ and tumblin’ with Kick Scooter luggage

Kick Scooter luggage picKickboard USA, better known as the marketers of kids’ three-wheeled scooters and Xootr and Razor knock-offs, is offering an airport flyer, as it were.

Instead of pulling your luggage, how about riding it to the gate with Micro’s ultimate ride on luggage? Micro Luggage is the ultimate ride on luggage – a suitcase on a scooter designed to help high flyers move quickly and effortlessly through airports.

Now point me toward the escalators!


How safe do you want to be?

Safety PosterWhen I used to commute on a fixed-gear Cuevas track bike in Manhattan, I’d wonder at my sanity – when I wasn’t doing it. On the bike, I felt in charge of my situation or able to compromise; I looked down to make eye contact with drivers vying for a lane.

Now, down low on a footbike, I’m nervous around cars, even in a beach town in North Carolina.

Tejvan, writing on the English Cycling Info blog, wonders at the tipping point between safety and fun:

The funny thing is that it took about 4 hours of waiting in the hospital to realise this poster was about an activity I did. If this is how cycling had been promoted at school, I might have stuck to staying indoors playing computer games. Future trips to the hospital would have probably been have been due to sloth related heart and obesity problems rather than falling off the bike.

I wish a cyclist would be someone who just happens to get on a bicycle and cycle from A to B. If you walk to the shops, you don’t have to put on your long trousers, helmet, high vis, and flashing lights.

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Electric scooter looks like a giant Razor®

electric scooter pic

Israeli designer Nimrod Sapir turned his eye to electric scooters and, subconsciously or not, was influenced by an unfortunately iconic image, one of two that spring to mind nowadays when the word scooter is heard.

But to accommodate the electrics, it had to grow a little.

I wonder (but not too much), when the power dries up on the road, how it would be to kick?

Adult scooter can put a trip in your zip

XootrIn Louisville, Kentucky, they have discovered the tiny-wheeled Xootr, still a nice commuting tool. But the last paragraph is a little like those drug-ad disclaimers on TV:

Rolfing says he has to watch for sidewalk cracks, and rocks bigger than a marble can be troublesome. But his only tumbles have been self-inflicted, like the times when he tried to jump a curb like a skater dude.

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For the well-dressed white-collar footbiker

SuitpackFrom GizMag:

Leaving the car at home and [foot]biking to work certainly has its benefits – to the air we breathe, to the fitness of the rider and to the bank balance. For white collar workers though, this presents an attire problem – unsightly creases, mud splashes and a soaking from the elements don’t do much for your business suit. The Cambridge Design Partnership has just announced a possible alternative to stowing away a spare suit at the office or trying to flatten out the creases with a portable iron – the Suitpack. Just out of prototyping, the design is designed to keep clothing crumple-free while commuting to work, and has various compartments for storing accessories and shoes.

Nice idea. Doesn’t take up precious footbike cargo-space. (Actually a backpack with a loop on the inside top for a suit-hanger and two external pockets for shoes might serve almost as well, if one didn’t need to carry also a laptop.)

But being an exotic subset (footbikers) of a rara avis (the HPV commuter), I wonder how many of us wear suits to work? (Not that there’s anything wrong with it!)

Dave Riley on Mibo and Kickbike scooters

Kickbike and MiboThere’s been another wave of interest on the Yahoo! Kickbiking mail list about folding scooters. Pragmatic Dave Riley has been a major contributor to the discussion, owning both a Mibo Komfort and a Kickbike. He has edited and combined his several messages on the topic to this informative ‘blog post, saying the Mibo and Kickbike complement one another very well, the strengths of one balancing the shortcomings of the other.

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Another lock idea

Water-bottle bike lockLocking a footbike is problematic as there aren’t usually natural closed loops in the frame – the best solutions employ a cable which can weave the wheels to the frame and use what loops there are (viz. behind the deck and before the brace between the rear forks).

In my case a simple coiled cable, which can drop into a bag, works, but here’s a way to use up a water-bottle cage (in which case a second cage – which can be easily attached to a thick footbike frame with a couple of hose clamps – would be needed): a Küat Racks Bottle Lock™, which encloses a cable lock.