For the record, it’s here: 2×28 Kickbike

The Kickbike Race Max 28

In one of my rare forays out onto the interwebz I finally saw this. Kickbike has addressed my main complaint about mainstream scooters and given us a bike with two 700C wheels.

Of course if you’re “on facebook” (is that like being “on drugs”?) you probably already know this: Kickbike’s website says, next to a facebook logo, “703 people like this. Sign Up to see what your friends like.” Yeah, no; I’d rather walk.

Kickbike is selling this from their website for €629.00 (email them for postage rates).


5 Responses

  1. I don’t think it is an improvement. That rear wheel is ready to introduce a fragile spoke to the kicking foot and if you squat on a downhill you may end up using your behind as a friction brake.

  2. Good points. Perhaps the best bet is to use a common-sized 20″ or 16″ rear wheel like all the G4 Kickbikes do. My original gripe was against the rarer-than-hen’s-teeth 18″ rear wheels on the G3 Kickbikes and now-defunct AW Footbikes.

  3. I bought one (perhaps the first to own in the US). It rocks!

  4. To avoid the kicking foot in the spokes. or your ass rubibing on the wheel takes a simple lengthining of the foot platform. I would suggest doubling the length to also have the comfort of having two feet, one behind the other when cruising at hgh speeds downhill.

  5. Hi! No legs or ass do not interfere in the race. You can lengthen the deck but not much, otherwise the overall length will EXTREM large. And to increase the weight. In Kickbike 28 \ 28 he uzhu 8 kg! In the market, a new titanium skuteriz 28 \ 28 Vill El Camino titanic 700C its weight of 6.2 kg.

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