Here’s WHY sitting is bad for you

Einstein could have been even smarter by losing the seat and pedals (From “Cycling is good for you”)

I first heard the notion that sitting is bad for you in 2010; then it was a hypothesis based on polling and observation. Now it seems that a scientist in Stockholm has come up with why it is so.

The best anti-ageing technique could be standing up, scientists believe, after discovering that spending more time on two feet protects DNA.

A study found that too much sitting down shortens telomeres, the protective caps which sit at the end of chromosomes.

Scientists found that the less time a person spent sitting, the longer their telomeres, and the greater their chance of living longer

Short telomeres have been linked to premature ageing, disease and early death. So spending less time on the sofa could help people live longer by preventing their DNA from ageing

The research found that people who were frequently on their feet had longer telomeres, which were keeping the genetic code safe from wear and tear.

Intriguingly taking part in more exercise did not seem to have an impact on telomere length.

The take-away? You know!


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