Some junk will fit in this trunk


Here’s a larger “trunk” bag for my Kickbike® than I had before. It’s more rugged, and I had had an issue opening the flat “zipper” on the old one recently. The new one has a larger center section, two side pockets and a flat pocket on top – with a rear-light clip, which in my case has become a front-light clip. I bought it from Amazon. On the front rack, it’s nice and sturdy.

PS – Scooter-Sport isn’t going anywhere; I’ve quit Yahoo! (yes, that includes the groups I belonged to and flickr) and got a secure offshore email provider. I left Google and Microsoft a long time ago, and wouldn’t go near facebook if paid … but my posts here will be few and far between. That’s why I redid the site to be more of a website, using my posts for content, and less of a ‘blog. Scooter-Sport is something I deliberately put out there for all to read; if the feds want to read it, that’s cool – I’m glad for the traffic, and everybody will benefit from kicking.


2 Responses

  1. Well, this is welcome news, as you are spared my tearful (and somewhat embarrassing) entreaties to desist from shutting down this marvelous resource. I can forgive you for making fewer posts, as there was a shameful lack of response to your excellent insights. But I do hope I can continue to refer someone interested in this peculiar sport to your website. It’s about the best available, right now.

  2. Bob, very kind words! Thank you. Yeah, I like the site enough to leave it – and a blog is meant to be read, unlike lots of other stuff that No Such Agency has their noses in. Thanks again. It’ll be here.

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