George and the aliens at the TdF

“When this sextet of riders passed Glenn and I while we were taking a break early on the stage route out of Aix-en-Provence, we weren’t sure what we had just seen.” (George Christensen)

“George the Cyclist” is a semi-retired dude who works to feed his bicycling addiction. A large part of his habit involves pre-riding the Tour de France stages and blogging about them. (Do you see where I’m going with this?) He ran into some friends of ours:

Riding The Tour route on a loaded touring bike may be a slightly absurd undertaking, but it is perfectly sane compared to what six possible alien beings are attempting to do on a warped version of a bicycle. They are riding the route on something that is a cross between a skate board and a draissine, a scooter-like vehicle dreamed up by Baron Draissine of Germany in 1816, that eventually evolved into the bicycle. Their version is a skateboard with mini-bicycle wheels and handlebars with brakes. It looks like it was designed by someone on a different planet who didn’t have a full understanding of what he was trying to replicate. And their goofy garb completed their other-worldly appearance.

Read it all here.


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