No news is no news

After two days, here is the only “news” of KickFrance 2013 that I could find:

@aspertibg Here is the spirit #kickbike with #kickfrance2013 #kickbikefrance rider Tweet it

I’m not asking for blog updates, YouTube videos or something that a non-Czech-speaker can understand; I know y’all are busy … but is there no-one following this with a Twitter account? Three hashtags exist: #kickfrance, #kickbikefrance and #kickfrance2013 – and only two old tweets; the above makes three.

I missed most of yesterday’s first-stage Tour coverage; now I’m waiting on live TV coverage of Stage Two in ten minutes but I’m not really expecting anything from NBC Sports

UPDATE: Alpo Kuusisto is indeed blogging the event. My bad…


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