Mountain Biking on a Kickbike Cross Max?

This question was put to the Yahoo! kickbiking mail-list recently:

I live some of the best Mountain Biking country in Australia. But it’s tough terrain as these pics show.

I get invited on rides by the local mountain biking community but I’m a scooter person and my transport is limited to a kickbike Cruiser and a folding Mibo…

But I’ve wondered about these bush rides. The whole point of a mountain bike is the number of gears on offer to the rider and the sharp ratios. Of course on a scooter, all you can match is some of the suspension features. But then you have that lowish kickboard which in Australian conditions – stumps, tree roots, eroded gullies, snakes… – is a complication.

I had said before that I thought a smaller wheeled scooter was preferable in the rough like this but I’m wondering about the kickbike Cross Max…

I have had lots of fun in the woods with my equivalent of a cyclo-cross bike. Given the low-but-adjustable (on a Footbike™) deck and lack of mechanical propulsion, a footbike needs to be lifted more than a cyclo-cross bike (which are lifted a fair amount themselves). I think it would be (slightly) easier to lift a cyclo-scooter than a full-on Cross Max.

Also, downhill is good. It’s easy to pick up the bike and run uphill at times if you need. Scooters are natural gravity bikes. Bob Schutz agrees:

One of my favorite winter training modalities is to speed hike through the woods and make my own trail up the mountain, and then head downhill, kind of like a stream of water or a ball finding it’s way down the fall line.

So it is should not be surprising that one of my favorite offroad mountain scootering experiences, whether it is with my dog or without, is to head downhill and just leave the trail at random places and make our own trail.


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