the-vu from here: Schooled on a scooter

USC pool pic

Jeffrey’s Mibo by the Nostril Reflecting Pool at USC. (the-vu)

Los Angeles is more scooter-friendly than you might think. the-vu’s Jeffrey the Barak finds there is benefit in higher education:

Google Maps[+] has a bicycle overlay with puts bright green lines on the map showing places that are either dedicated bike paths, or bike lanes sharing the street with traffic. Applying this overlay to Los Angeles brings out two prominent green patches of fun. These are the university campuses of UCLA in Westwood and USC in South L.A.


USC’s bike paths are represented on the map as public bike paths, but technically this is private property. Bicycle users are required to register their bikes with campus police, mostly to combat theft, but I have read that many students use longboards on campus and so since a scooter has more in common with a board than a bicycle machine, I decide I should be okay and hope to slip under the radar as a nutty old professor of dynamic physics on a scooter.

Read the full article at the-vu »


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