Pouring mineral water on the ‘Mediterranean diet’

Dave’s elixir

Footbike aficionado Dave Riley extolls the virtues of adding mineral water to green tea and wine (although not at the same time) and discusses the so-called “Mediterranean diet”:

Here I sit at the computer with a glass of green tea and mineral water – my favorite beverage – at my side.

I make up a flask of the mix almost every day and the deep screw top lid on the flask keeps the bubbles in.

When I teach dance it goes with me to pep up my juices.

I’m a green-tea-and-mineral-water junkie. An half and half man.

For the purposes of imbibing intoxicants I mix cheap red wine with mineral water.

You guessed it: half mineral water and half wine.

Mr Acqua Minerale. (But I don’t soak my socks in it.)

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