So was the name thereof *

Footbiker pic

Dashiell Hammett wrote, in a Continental Op story:

I was reading a sign high on the wall behind the bar:


I was trying to count how many lies could be found in those nine words, and had reached four, with promise of more, when one of my confederates, the Greek, cleared his throat…

Flickr user olmofin is batting about .500 with his caption to “2013 Bike 180: Day 93, April 25”:

Kickbiking [sic] was first invented as a sport – possibly in the same spirit as the other great Finnish sporting innovations of swamp soccer and wife carrying. However, kickbiking is a practical way to get around town.

He’s wrong about “kickbiking” being invented in Finland (as he implies); while the Kickbike® was developed there (although it wasn’t even the first bicycle-wheeled scooter, which was probably “invented” during WWII in France), the sport of scooter racing dates back to at least the 1970s in Holland.

And while he’s correct that wife-carrying came from Finland, swamp soccer came from England – the same country that also brought us the incredible sport of ferret-legging (which must have been supported by alcohol).

Of course, he’s spot-on about the practical way to get around town. The rest? Not so much. The little things matter. Still, it’s a nice picture.

* Genesis 2:19


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