Kickped feedback is favorable

These things are really catching on!

People are enjoying NYCEWheels’ customized KnowPed, a little scooter that IMO is superior to the snooty Xootr, although just by a smidge.

I bike, I hoop, I kayak, I Nordic-Track, and now I Kickped. I am turning 60 this year, and wanted a new, fun, human-powered, and useful activity. My Kickped came in one day (NY to IL), assembly was a 1 minute affair, and riding the thing is a hoot. I smile, those who see me smile back; those who try it smile even bigger.

Read the rest at Electric bikes & folding bikes | NYC »


2 Responses

  1. KickPed has two cons:
    – footboard too high
    – Handlebar not adjustable

  2. Great post! What a great scooter for city commuters. And it looks like something out of Mad Max! I wrote my thoughts on the KickPed at Hope you enjoy.

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