Away with all crutches!

Beggar on Crutches artwork pic

My broken phalange has mended enough to walk today without cast, crutch or boot. Because of the Orthopedist’s dire warnings I was scrupulous in keeping weight off it until last week, when he said I could walk on it with the walking boot for a week. Said week being up this morning, I have been peregrinating in normal shoes since then, and the only pain is where my plantar fascia joins my heel, as I haven’t been bending my ankle since the break. The side of my foot feels okay after a half a day on it. Lord have mercy!

So I’ll walk around, gingerly, for another week, and then start walking distances. When I’m confident of the foot’s stability I’ll get on the bicycle, and then on the scooter when I feel it’s time to cross the final frontier.


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  1. Good luck! Take your time.

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