Ever done any boondoggling?*

London bike-lane rendering

Mayor of London unveils £1 billion bike-lane masterplan. (GizMag)

From GizMag:

The Mayor of London has announced nearly £1 billion of spending intended to overhaul London’s cycle routes. The plan includes the creation of a 15-mile (24-km) “Crossrail for the bike,” substantially segregated from road traffic, connecting the suburbs of East and West London.

When I lived on Manhattan (the ‘seventies and ‘eighties) there were bicycle lanes (aka boondoggles) on some of the avenues; they were separated from the street by double-sided curbstones. They promptly filled up with pedestrians hailing taxicabs and hot-dog carts, and the curbstones effectively trapped cyclists encountering same. Luckily footbikes can use sidewalks in most areas – is London among them?

*Egbert Sousé to a fellow patron of the Black Pussy Cat Café in The Bank Dick (1940)


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