New Aero Bars and Wheels From Zipp

New Zipp handlebars pic

Zipp unveiled its new Vuka Stealth carbon aero handlebar with an integrated stem. (Matt Phillips)

Zipp components, no strangers to footbikes, have come out with some new handlebars and wheels, including some 650 wheels that would permit lowering some decks in the most fashionable way possible.

The Vuka Stealth bar is an integrated carbon aero bar setup for TT and multisport bikes. It has an integrated stem, but is still adjustable. It can be set in 1,920 different positions, ensuring that any rider can get into his or her preferred position.


Zipp also announced that its 650c-size 404 model would now become identical to the 700c version. The smaller size had previously used an aluminum brake track, and a different rim profile than the current generation of the 404 Firecrest. The 650c wheels will now share the same carbon brake surface and Firecrest shape as the regular-sized wheel. Zipp says that the shape reduces the force exerted by a crosswind on a rider, making it easier to control—a particular benefit to smaller riders.

Zippy the Pinhead says, “Are we having fun yet?


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