Off-topic, but OMG!

Rocket Motorcycle pic

Side view of rocket motorcycle (Photo: Glenn Brittian)

Well, it does have two wheels, and a lot of motorcyclists refer to their mounts as “scooters” … from GizMag:

State-of-the-art rocket-powered motorcycle sells on eBay

A state-of-the-art rocket-powered motorcycle that was recently advertised for sale on eBay has been sold to Gerd Habermann Racing. Engineered to hit speeds in excess of 400 mph (640 km/h) during the quarter-mile, the bike was designed and built by Glenn Brittian, one of the few drivers licensed by the National Hot Rod Association to drive a rocket dragster. The asking price was US$27,000, but the actual selling price has not been made public.

Ooh! It gives me the whibbies! Nice color, too.

Soundtrack: Richard Strauss, Also Sprach Zarathustra, “Sunrise”


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