Tough luck for a footbiker

Foot bones pic

Drat! I busted my foot! Actually, the No. 5 phalange – the third bone back from the pinky toe on my left foot. Released from the hospital last week with a walker boot and some crutches, it soon felt comfortable enough to get around with a cane, and I had an appointment with the Orthopaedist in one week.

Well, he had bad news: that bone, because of blood-flow issues and flexibility, doesn’t usually heal easily. He put me in a cast and off the cane. I must not put my weight on the foot at all, so it’s back to the crutches or a walker. The walker is at least a little less unwieldly than the crutches, but it’ll be a winsome six weeks until I see the doctor again.

How’d I do it? Too embarrassing to mention – but be careful clambering up onto a bed when changing ceiling-fan lights.

I suppose my return to wheels will be on a bicycle, but I’ll get back on the scooter ASAP. At least when I broke my elbow back in the day in a bike crash, I could still ride the bicycle in the cast. In the meantime if I post even still less frequently than is my wont, here be my excuse. Mice and rats!


9 Responses

  1. Wow Pete! What a stroke of bad luck for America’s greatest scooting enthusiast. Hope it heals quickly.

  2. Thanks, Jeffrey – yeah, it’s a rotten break. (At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor. We’ll see how that holds up.)

  3. Pete, how about a footbike ‘project’ that’ll take about 6 weeks to complete or something else to take your mind off that toe!!

  4. Good idea, Tom – I’d been considering how to build a footbike frame from wood … might try to firm up some plans. Last night I had a wierd cycling/footbiking dream. I wonder if I could rent a racing wheelchair…

  5. OK, so, I’m thinking that the racing wheelchair might not be the best of ideas as a recovery vehicle. I do like your thoughts of a wood frame footbike. I’ve seen our local canoe and kayak fabricator ( in Port Moody, BC) working his steam ovens to bend frame components which he then laminates. It’s an art and the finished product bests any of the mass produced items.

  6. True that on the racing chair as a recovery vehicle – but it would still be bags of fun.

    For the wood scooter I was thinking of laminated wood which would be cut out in the sort-of “S” shape of a footbike frame with a sleeved headtube bolted in, rear (maybe wood) forks attached at the back and a deck on top …

  7. Hi Pete,

    I hope your injury gets better real soon. Is it true that broken bones repair stronger at the break point?

    Cheers from downunder,

    Alan Stewart :)

  8. Jeez, that sucks. Did you ever think an accident like that was even possible? For anyone with athletic habits, the pain of such an injury is in the long period of inactivity. I think, if my ceiling fan is on the fritz, I’m just going to suffer without it. No footbedding for me–no sir!

    A return to the cycling world may work out well for you. Folks may think you’ve regained your sanity and may be willing to approach you again;^) Let’s hope the season isn’t a total loss, and that you’re back on your peculiar invention before it’s over.

  9. Alan, thanks; and I do remember hearing that, too.

    Bob, yes, it sucks, but I’m thinking my general level of fitness will help the healing process, and the years of barefootin’/moccasin-wearing will have strenghtened the muscles in my foot around the break. Time will tell…

    And I do have a proper, stable stepstool in the next room. If I had taken the few moments to fetch it for the light, this wouldn’t have happened. A dumb move on my part…

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