Project aims to kick the 2013 Tour de France

Team pic

Kick Your Life, Kick France 2013 project consists of four footbikers and four to five members of support team.

Four audacious kickers want to kick the 2013 Tour de France route one day before the big race comes through. They hope to make it in the same number of days, and with the Tour entourage on their heels, they have an extra impetus. A lot of the 12-15 million spectators for the world’s largest sporting event ought to be in place, potentially providing a large audience for the demonstration of the finest two-wheeled sport.

Update 15 May: Tom Brown posted this link from about the effort.


3 Responses

  1. Maybe they should start two days earlier just in case the peddlers catch up.

  2. Really. If I were trying it I’d want to start three days earlier, but these are heavy dudes, including Alpo Kuusisto, who kicked Paris-Brest-Paris in 2003. Also “About 100 Alpine passes kicked. Once a world champion, 2 world records. Considered Kick Tour de France years ago but discarded it as impossible!”

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