Zümaround Electric Hybrid stand-on Kick Scooters Unveiled at Interbike

Zumaround pic

Las Vegas, NV, September 17, 2012 – Kickstart Scooters Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of the Zumaround electric stand-on scooter at Interbike 2012. The Zümaround is a hybrid kick scooter for adults and is unlike any other product on the market today. With 20″ pneumatic wheels and front and rear v-brakes, it offers an incredibly smooth ride and unmatched maneuverability with seamless electric-assist.

The Zümaround is an innovation of Gideon Tomaschoff, President of Kickstart Scooters Ltd., who has sold and distributed Sidewalker Scooters out of Buffalo, New York for the past 13 years. The inspiration for an electric hybrid scooter came about from Tomaschoff’s everyday usage of his Sidewalker scooters. “Whether you’re kicking a scooter or pedaling a bike, many riders are challenged when going up hills or riding into strong winds,” said Tomaschoff. “I wanted to improve my riding experience and arrive at my destination without being out of breath or sweaty, which is how the idea of an electric-assist system came to be.”

Battery technology has greatly improved in recent years with the popularity of e-bikes and other electric transportation systems. Tomaschoff worked on several prototypes of an electric hybrid kick scooter before arriving at the Zümaround model.

“There are very few stand-up electric scooters on the market, and what is available is meant to be ridden strictly with the motor,” said Tomaschoff. “The Zümaround is lightweight enough that the rider can choose whether to engage the motor or kick it like a traditional scooter.”

With a chromoly steel frame, the total weight of the Zümaround (including the battery) is 36 pounds. The battery weighs five pounds and is lockable and removable for charging. The scooter can go 20 miles before charging, but can go much longer if the motor is just used as an electric-assist to self-propulsion.

An advantage of a stand-up scooter is the increased height of the rider, providing a greater line of vision and improved visibility to drivers and other riders. The maximum speed is 20 miles per hour and riders should comply with e-bike laws including wearing a bicycle helmet and not riding on the sidewalk. The speed is easy to control making it possible for the rider to quickly hop on and off.

The Zümaround comes in four colors: red, blue, yellow and lime green and is available at retailers in the United States and Canada. There is a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on the battery and motor. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $1250. For more information on the Zümaround please visit http://www.zumaround.com.


4 Responses

  1. Not a new product exactly, but more of a new publicity campaign for the Zumaround. It is one of the best electric scooters currently (pardon the pun) out there, but others, admittedly not so great are much less expensive. I had a decent one 13 years ago that was fast and had a fairly long range. The thing is, calling this scooter a hybrid is really just marketing, because you can kick-push any electric scooter, thereby extending the range in the same way. It is not strictly true that this is the only hybrid and that all of the others are meant to be ridden solely under electric power. I have had several electrics and I always used human power when starting from zero MPH, and I often kicked to save the battery on uphill climbs. In practice, the ability to go much faster than your kicking leg could keep up with, makes it an electric scooter, not a hybrid.

    These scooters really confuse the police. They want kick scooters to keep off the road, but they want these to keep off the sidewalk and be in traffic, helmet and all. At a glance police cannot see if a scooter has a motor or not, hence their confusion. When I scooted electric I had cops telling me to get on the sidewalk, and to get off the sidewalk, in the same day. They just didn’t know the law and many still do not. So basically, if you are going fast, use the road, and if you are going slow, use the sidewalk and then you’ll slip under the radar.

  2. Who would spend $1250 for self-propelled scooter with no seat? There are any number of e-bikes that allow the same sight line advantages advertised by the Z/round. Looks more like a poor-man’s Segway.

    I don’t thing anyone attracted to one of these would actually plan to kick it for any distance; the first few yards, maybe, until the motor takes over. You need some kind of engine assist keep a 36 lb scooter going. It would be pretty tough kicking if you ran the battery down too far; even tough to push it any distance. Looks to me like they’re trying get some Willys out the door.

  3. Kick scooters are very popular in urban neighborhoods. It’s good exercise and a fun way to get around .

  4. For adults, pushing on a kick scooter is simpler on the knee joints rather than pushing the pedals on a bicycle. It is also easier way to keep your balance on a scooter.

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