Kickbike® America’s bikes at logo

Kickbikes® available here!

Those little “urban scooters” like Razors, which remain very popular (and which fail Scooter-Sport’s “pothole test”), drive a lot of traffic to Well, now people will be able to find Kickbikes® there, too. From PRLOG: is pleased to make public the incusion of Kickbike America push scooters to the Marketplace, a comparison shopping engine that displays push scooters from a variety of merchants from all across the internet.

Kickbike America is a brand of Kickbike that is manufactured by the Kickbike America Company (sic). A Kickbike can best be described as a cross between a bicycle and a scooter. As with a scooter, a kickbike has a platform, however it differs in that it has a front tire like a standard bike. Unlike a Bike, this vehicle has no pedals, and riders propel it like a scooter.

…and apart from the shaky terminology we know the rest. Good luck to Kickbike® America!


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