Current Coasters in a full-court press

Current founder holding scooter pic

Bentley Kerr of Irvine shows off his Current Coaster, a scooter for hip adults and teens that comes in eye-popping colors. (Mindy Schauer, the Orange County Register)

The guys behind the good-looking but heavy Current Coasters are pressing forward with a PR campaign – they’re fighting the good fight and I hope to see the bikes become popular. Mainstream news publicity for the other two American-distributed large-wheel scooters has been fitful, but if any one gains traction with the public, its long tail is bound to pull the others, and the sport, along, too. This is from the Orange County Register:

If California’s real estate industry hadn’t tanked so badly in recent years, Irvine resident Bentley Kerr probably wouldn’t be talking about self-propelled scooters.

As it is, an adult version of a traditional child’s riding toy consumes Kerr’s waking hours and fills his midnight dreams.

Tell me about it.

“Initially we didn’t think of this as a business, but (after two years) it has evolved from a part-time planning exercise to a full-time venture,” said Kerr, who remains a principal in the Southern California land development firm Bluestone Communities. “I’ll probably always be involved in real estate, but it became clear to me that real estate wouldn’t have a soft landing in the recession.”

It’s a good, interesting backroom article on the methodical founding of a business; of course, the business’ subject makes it compelling for kickers, too.


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