Get your geek on, on a scooter

Xootr pic

A favored geekmobile.

A recovering geek, who hasn’t been near a city in years, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that scooters (Xootrs seem to be the de facto scooter of choice in the coding world) have found favor with hackers. (BTW contrary to breathless reports of criminality in the mainstream press, “hackers” wear white hats. The black-hat guys are “crackers.” And a “geek” was originally a carnival performer, often presented as a wild man, who performed grotesquely disgusting acts, such as biting the head off a live chicken or snake.)

CODING HORROR’s Jeff Atwoods posted a nice essay on Geek Transporation Systems, taking them from the office floor to trips of three miles.

On my first visit to the Fog Creek Software offices in 2008, I was surprised to see programmers zooming around the office on scooters. I didn’t realize that scooters were something geeks would be into, but it sure looked like fun, albeit borderline dangerous fun, on the 25th floor of an office building in Manhattan.

Folded Strida LT pic

Transformer or what?

For longer trips, apparently ignorant of footbikes, he recommends a folding bicycle, in his case from Dahon; he also talks about the über-geeky Strida LT, which is worth a look, but which, to this cyclist, seems to have a less-than-optimal riding position. Still, it should please a Transformers nerd.


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