New scooter sighting

'Coaster' scooter pic

Current’s new “Coaster”

the-vu‘s Jeffrey the Barak and Yahoo! News shared notification this morning of a new scooter sighting:

Current Coasters has awarded as the exclusive e-commerce retailer of their world-class Coasters™ (aka “kick scooters” or “scooter bikes”). With exceptional attention to detail and quality, the coasters make a nice addition to variety in recreational goods during peak season.


Current Coasters started as an idea on a bar napkin in 2012 and has become the exclusive purveyor of coasters. Unlike “kick scooters” or “scooter bikes” coasters provide riding for the recommended age of 14 years and older.

Bob Dymond said it looks like someone with a design degree went to work on an Amish scooter … perhaps to bring it into “current” times? To be sure the marketing is extensive and savvy. Current’s website offers a range of logo’d and color-matched accessories, including “Coaster” coasters.


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