Two reasons to move to the Czech Republic

Scooter girls pic

From, 10 Reasons to Buy a Scooter

A pic worth two thousand words.


2 Responses

  1. The Yedoo people certainly have a good scooter philosophy, but have you checked out the specs on all their scooters? Over four inches in deck height, almost 3 in, ground clearance! It would take a LOT more than a couple of hot babes to sell me one of their scooters. They look like a typical mass-production outfit; Lots of component selection, but one frame.

  2. Yeah, Yedoos remind me of Belize Bikes’ Toucan scooters – pretty but with near-fatal flaws, viz., that deck height. (Though, like my SportPed, I recall one model having a double-width footboard as an option – OK on my SportPed, not so hot on a bike-sized scooter).

    PS: Your observation is why the headline doesn’t say “Four reasons…”

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