The scooter manifesto, or why scoot?

Scooting family pic

Relaxation for the whole family.

Dave Riley, at Kickbike & Kettlebell, directs us to this article at, saying Why scoot when you can pedal?, and adding some reasons of his own:

On a scooter I’m an opportunistic rider. I use both road and footpath depending on the typography, surface and traffic conditions. When riding on footpaths I’m often jumping on and off the scooter to negotiate around people and over bumps, gutters and tree roots at a speed just above jogging pace.

I also expect that people who can’t learn a bicycle must be able to master scooting, although I’ll never forget the magical feeling I had, at about seven years of age, of completing my first bicycle ride on my Dad’s step-through WWII-era paratroop bike. Still, my favorite ride for a long time remained my homemade scooter. Boy, if I had had a Kickbike™ or a Mibo or Yedoo, or even a BMX scooter, none of which had been yet invented. Although one of these would have been available…


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